Listed here are the items that are still available in the holiday gift shop. Only the products available on this page will be guaranteed to ship by December 14th, which is the USPS date to send orders by to receive for Christmas. Although I can guarantee when I will ship, I cannot guarantee something will arrive on time once it is dropped off with USPS.

Click here to read more information about my holiday shop. (Please read before sending a message or email with questions)



You can combine anything here into a gift box. Other items that can be packaged into a gift box not found on this page are: stickers and prints. Posters and non-handmade shirts cannot be compiled into a gift box.

If you would like to send directly to multiple people, please order separately for each person with their intended address. 

At checkout, there will be an option to add a gift message. 

Once something is out of stock, I will try my best to restock it, but I likely will not be able to before the holidays. I am very sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but please remember that I am a one-person run small business and cannot restock everything. Please do not email, message, or inbox me with restock requests. 

Returns and Exchanges will not be accommodated until January 2021. If there is a problem with your holiday order, I will be able to fix that, but I will not be able to make exchanges in time for the holidays based on a change in preference. 

Unfortunately there is currently a major lag in the clothing production industry due to COVID-19. Because of this, I have been unable to obtain the normal sizes and materials that I usually purchase. I apologize for the lack of sizes and hope to continue expanding as production comes back. 

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