Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

I was born and raised in the California Bay Area, and that is where my business is based now! Each product is designed and shipped with love from Mountain View, California.

Can I customise an order?

I offer some custom options at limited times based on my availability. These products explicitly say they are custom options and will provide space to note your customization. All other products cannot be customized.

Do you hand make every product?

When I began my business, I made every single product by hand. I quickly learned that I was not able to keep the quality as high or create as much new artwork when I was spending all of my time cutting stickers, creating shirts, and more. For this reason, most of my products are outsourced to other businesses, so I can get you the highest quality version of my product possible. I use two different shipping locations for my products: the majority are hand shipped by me from the Bay Area, and the rest come from a drop shipping facility in North Carolina. I use drop shipping for the products that I am either unable to make (such as shirts with digitally printed designs) or the cost would be too high for me to make them myself (such as my posters). Using drop shipping helps me to keep costs low and offer many designs in many different forms.

Can I request a location design?

I decide on locations based on the response I get on my social media accounts. The best way to request a location is to comment on one of my TikTok videos, as I see these the most frequently. That being said, I have most often already chosen the location(s) I will release next and cannot guarantee that any requested location will be made. There is also a note option on my order completion page. Feel free to leave me a personal note and let me know a location you would like to see with your completed order! I am much more likely to be responsive when I see something in this format.

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